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Have you seen the Hungry Howie’s Pizza menu online? So you are a place where you will find signature dishes like pizzas, bread subs, salads, wings, chutneys, drinks, and desserts, and they also have a catering menu for parties and large gatherings.

You can have a great meal here for under $40.00. So read this entire article. You will find Hungry Howie’s Pizza menu, all menus, and menu prices.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza menu offers a variety of pizzas, chicken wings, tenders, sub-marine sandwiches, salads, bread, and brownies. Popular for their wide selection of pizzas, the restaurant chain is well-known.

Hungry Howie's Pizza Menu

Hungry Howie’s pizzas are perfect and some even claim that they have the best pizzas around. The Works pizza is their most popular pizza. You can also choose from many other flavors, including Butter, Butter Cheese, Butter Cheese, Cajun, Butter Cheese and Ranch.

About Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie’s prices make it easy to afford, while the classic Italian-American food is very easy on your wallet. The chain is known as Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs, Inc. and is one of the most popular pizza chains in America.

James Hearn founded the chain in 1973, with the first location being in Taylor, Michigan. Since then, there have been more than 550 locations in 21 states. Students, young professionals and families who are looking for satisfying, filling Italian-American food at affordable prices, love these restaurants.

There are many options for pizza, chicken wings, tenders, sub-sea sandwiches, salads, breads, and brownies. Because of their unique flavors, the flavored crust pizzas are very popular. 

There are many flavors to choose from, including Original, Cajun and Cinnamon. The salads include freshly-cut romaine mixed.

Below are the most recent Hungry Howie menu prices.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza Menu Prices


Fresh Salads

hungry howie's Fresh Salads

 Antipasto Salad (Large) $10.15
 Chef Salad (Large) $9.31
 Garden Salad (Large) $7.64
 Greek Salad (Large) $9.36
 Spicy Chicken Salad (Large) $10.30


 Boneless Wings $8.48

Dip Sauces

Ranch Sauce $0.81
Bleu Cheese $0.80

Picked For You

 Large Cheese Pizza $11.17
Small Cheese Pizza $7.17
 16” Extra Large Cheese Pizza $13.36
14” Large Cheese Pizza $11.20


 Chicken Parmesan (Large) $8.64

Pizza Menu

hungry howie's Pizza Menu

10” Small Cheese Pizza $7.24
12” Medium Cheese Pizza $9.20
14” Thin Crust Cheese Pizza $11.50

Specialty Flatbreads

Calories are by the slice.
 3 Cheeser Pepperoni Pleaser $9.70

Specialty Pizzas

hungry howie's Specialty Pizzas

 Howie Special $9.60
Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Pizza $8.62
 Howie Special Pizza $10.03
 The Works $10.79
 Meat Eaters Specialty Pizza $11.62
 Meat Eaters $9.78
 Veggie Pizza $10.04
 Veggie $9.47
Veggie Specialty Pizza $11.49
 BBQ Chicken $8.44
 Meat Eaters Pizza $10.52
 Howie Maui Specialty Pizza $11.49
 Buffalo Chicken $7.93
 Howie Maui $8.43
Howie Maui Pizza $9.62
 Asian Chicken $7.59
 BBQ Chicken Pizza $9.22
 Taco Pizza $9.77
 Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza $10.15
 Buffalo Chicken Pizza $8.68
 Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger $8.55
Asian Chicken Pizza $8.40
 The Works Pizza $11.63
 Chicken Bacon Ranch $8.74

Wings and Tenders

 Wings Bone In $9.76
 Eight Wings Bone in $10.09
 Spicy Chicken Tenders $7.74
 Five Spicy Chicken Tenders $10.06

Small Speciality Pizzas

 Small Howie Specialty Pizza $12.26
 Small Meat Eaters Specialty Pizza $12.26
 Small Veggie Specialty Pizza $12.26
Small Howie Maui Specialty Pizza $12.26
 Small Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Specialty Pizza $11.94
 Small Chicken Bacon Ranch Specialty Pizza $12.26
 Small Barbeque Chicken Specialty Pizza $12.26
 Small Buffalo Chicken Specialty Pizza $12.26

Oven Baked Subs

hungry howie's Oven Baked Subs

Add A Topping $1.79
 Deluxe Combination $7.49
 Deluxe Combination Sub $6.24
 Large Deluxe Combination Sub $9.22
 Large Ham and Cheese Sub $9.22
 Veggie Sub $6.75
 Large Veggie Sub $9.22
 Steak and Cheese Sub $6.09
 Steak, Cheese and mushrooms $7.66
 Large Steak and Cheese Sub $9.29
 Chicken Parmesan Sub $6.52
 Italian Sub $6.81
Large Chicken Parmesan Sub $9.18
 Large Italian Sub $9.14
 Turkey Club Sub $6.90
 Meatball Sub $6.76
 Pizza Deluxe Sub $6.81
 Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub $6.41
Large Meatball Sub $9.22
 Ham and Cheese Sub $6.36
 Large Pizza Deluxe Sub $9.20
 Large Turkey Club Sub $9.05

Large Speciality Pizzas

Large Howie Special Specialty Pizza $17.31
Large Meat Eaters Specialty Pizza $17.35
Large Veggie Specialty Pizza $17.35
Large Howie Maui Specialty Pizza $17.31
Large Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Specialty Pizza $16.94
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Specialty Pizza $17.40
Large Barbeque Chicken Specialty Pizza $17.31
Large Buffalo Chicken Specialty Pizza $17.35

Oven Baked Pasta

 Baked Penne $8.99
 Baked Spaghetti $6.16
 Baked Spaghetti Regular $5.67
Baked Spaghetti Large $8.51
 Chicken Parmesan $8.04
Chicken Parmesan Regular $6.47
 Large Baked Pasta $9.55
 Large Chicken Parmesan Pasta $9.69


 Howie Cookie $6.95
 Cinnamon Howie Bread $5.87

Howie Rolls

 Pepperoni & Cheese Howie Roll $3.37
 Steak and Cheese Howie Roll $4.20
 Chicken & Cheese Howie Roll $4.18


 Garden $6.92
 Garden Salad $6.37
 Chef $7.87
 Chef Salad $6.99
 Antipasto $7.85
 Antipasto Salad $7.61
 Greek $7.85
 Greek Salad $7.01
 Spicy Chicken Salad $6.53
 Chicken $8.99
 Spicy Chicken $7.39
 Chicken Asiago Salad $8.59
 Chicken Caesar $8.15
 Chicken Caesar Salad $8.44
 Chicken Asiago $8.17


 Cajun Bread $4.66
 3-Cheezer Bread $5.62
 Asiago Bread $4.85


Mayo Packet $0.24
BBQ Sauce Cup $0.77
Side Jalapeno $0.74
Pizza Sauce Cup $0.78
Greek Packet $0.40
Side Pepperoncini $0.75
Side Mild Pepper $0.68
Side Black Olive $0.68
Sub Sauce Packet $0.24
Side Green Olive $0.75
Icing Cup $0.77
Side Pineapple $0.68
Side Red Pepper $0.61
Ranch Packet $0.39
Side Parmesan $0.67
Garlic Butter Cup $0.76
Blue Cheese Cup $0.75
Buffalo Sauce Cup $0.77
Caesar Packet $0.40
Italian Packet $0.40
Side Anchovy $1.09
Ranch Cup $0.83

Oven-Baked Subs

 Italian $7.41
 Steak, Cheese and Mushroom Sub $6.84
 Steak, Cheese and Mushroom $7.90
 Turkey Club $7.65
 Pizza Sub $6.93
Ham and Cheese $7.25
 Pizza Deluxe $7.07


hungry howie's Beverages

20 oz. Soda $2.21
Pepsi $2.01
2-Liter Soda $3.19
 20oz. Soda $1.98
Diet Pepsi $2.03
Sierra Mist $2.05
Mist Twist $1.96
Mountain Dew $2.02
Bottled Water $1.85

Breads and Howie Roll

 Regular Howie Bread $4.95
 Regular Three Cheezer Bread $5.88
 Regular Cajun Bread $4.95
 Regular Pepperoni Roll $4.99
 Regular Asiago Bread $4.99
 Pepperoni Roll $4.46

Howie Wings

 BBQ Howie Wings $8.78
 Buffalo Howie Wings $9.87
 Asian Howie Wings $8.85
 Sriracha Howie Wings $8.78
 BBQ Boneless Howie Wings $8.46
 Buffalo Boneless Howie Wings $8.46
 Asian Boneless Howie Wings $8.46
 Sriracha Boneless Howie Wings $8.46


 Regular Cinna-mmm Bread $4.58
 Cinna-Mmm Bread $4.33
 9 in Chocolate Chip Cookie $7.74
 Cinna-mmmm Bread $4.99

Howie Wings®

 Howie Wings $10.62
 Original Howie Wings $9.58
 Boneless Howie Wings $9.49
 Original Boneless Howie Wings $9.50

Dipping Sauces

Ranch $0.89
 Ranch Dressing $0.90
BBQ $0.91
 Garlic Butter Sauce $0.86
Garlic Butter $0.87
 Bleu Cheese Dressing $0.90
 Blue Cheese $0.94
 BBQ Sauce $0.86
Sweet White Icing $0.90
Pizza Dipping Sauce $0.91
 Pizza Sauce $0.87
Buffalo Sauce $0.90
Marinara Sauce $0.96

Howie Bread®

 Deep Dish 3 Cheeser Howie Bread $9.10
 Howie Bread $5.43
 3 Cheeser Howie Bread $7.03
 Asiago Howie Bread $6.90
 Cajun Howie Bread $5.85


 Large 2 Topping Pizza, Three Cheezer Bread & 2 Liter of Soda $21.79

Hungry Howie’s Contact Information

Hungry Howie’s Corporate Office Address – 30300 Stephenson Hwy.Madison Heights MI 48071

Hungry Howie’s Corporate Telephone Number – 248.414.3300

Hungry Howie’s can be reached via the contact page.

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This article is all about Hungry Howie’s Pizza Menu, including prices and we’ve also listed other details associated with this restaurant, such as their contact information as well as their social profiles, important hyperlinks, and more.

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Hungry Howie’s Pizza Menu FAQs

What flavor crusts does Hungry Howies have?

You can choose from 8 delicious crust options: Butter and Butter Cheese, Asiago Cheese or Ranch, Onion, Cajun and Sesame. Call your local shop or order online to place your delivery or carryout order.

Does Hungry Howie’s use real cheese?

You can’t go wrong with fresh mozzarella or shredded mozzarella. Hungry Howie’s(r) uses only 100% real mozzarella in the baking of our beloved pies.

How many medium pizzas do I need for 4 adults?

Order three medium pizzas if you are trying to feed five people. You can save money by ordering two large Pizzas if you are trying to feed less people (say, three to four).

Is Dominos better than Hungry Howies?

Hungry Howie’s has a similar amount of cheese to Dominos, but Dominos is less oily and Hungry Howie’s has more. Winner: Papa John’s If you want quantity, Domino’s If you want quality.

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