Marco’s Pizza Menu Prices 2023❤️

Marco’s Pizza Menu with prices is one of the fastest growing pizza businesses and offers an extensive selection of pizzas. 

Their menu offers specialty pizza bowls with salads, wings, pizzas with specialties local delicacies, and even the ability to make the pizza of your choice, sandwiches desserts, sides and drinks. It’s not expensive and you can enjoy good food for only $12.

Marco’s Pizza is a pizza restaurant chain that is specialized in American Italian cuisine, however, mostly pizzas. 

If you’re used to eating at the larger pizza joints however, you’ll notice that Marco’s Pizza costs are slightly higher than the other restaurants.

Although they mostly serve pizza, they serve wings and sub sandwiches, salads and other sides available that are available on the menu. 


If you’re keen on their sub sandwiches they offer the option of eating it on wheat or white bread.

Below are the most recent Marco’s Pizza menu prices.

About Marco’s Pizza

The Marco’s Pizza costs are affordable for pizza lovers with a budget who crave delicious and savory pizzas. The pizzeria chain is controlled by Marco’s Franchising, LLC and was started with the help of Pat Giammarco, an Italian native of Italy who immigrated from Italy to United States, in 1978.

Since its inception since its inception, the chain has served the finest authentic Italian-American cuisine that strikes the perfect balance of home-style food and premium ingredients. 

There are now more than 1,000 restaurants in the United States, as well as in India, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. The company attributes its expansion in part to Giammarco’s special pizza sauce.

Each of the Marco’s Pizza restaurants have takeout and delivery options, however certain locations also provide catering and dine-in options. 

The menu includes award-winning pizzas such as the Chicken Fresco, White Cheezy, and the Pepperoni Magnifico, which form the most popular items on the menu. 

There are also many options of sub sandwich options (Italiano Sub, Steak, and Cheese Bruno Sub), salads (antipasto salad and chicken Caesar salad) and breadsticks and other items like the CinnaSquares along with the CheezyBread.

Below are the most recent Marco’s Pizza Menu Prices.



Specialty Pizza Bowls

 Build Your Own Pizza Bowl $8.45
 Garden Specialty Pizza Bowl $8.35
 All Meat Specialty Pizza Bowl $8.44
 Pizza Bowl – All Meat $9.28
 Deluxe Specialty Pizza Bowl $8.39
 The Philly Bowl $8.43
 The Buffalo Chicken Bowl $8.26

Build Your Own Pizza

10” Small Pizza $7.81
16” Extra Large Pizza $13.65
 Small Pizza $8.37
12” Medium Pizza $9.66
Build Your Own Crispy Thin Crust Pizza $7.86
Extra Large Pizza $17.02
Medium Pizza $11.04
 Medium Build Your Own Pizza $10.19
14” Large Pizza $11.82
Large Pizza $13.52


 Antipasto Salad $6.62
 Greek Salad $6.46
 Italian Chef $6.92
 Garden Salad (Regular) $6.90
 Chef Salad $6.48
 Chicken Caesar (Family) $10.48
 Chicken Caesar Salad $6.50
Garden Salad (Family) $10.33
 Garden Salad $6.47
 Chicken Caesar Salad (Family) $9.46
 Italian Chef Salad $6.66
 Garden (Regular) $6.99
 Garden $9.85
 Garden (Family) $10.02
 Greek Salad (Regular) $6.92
 Italian Chef Salad (Family) $9.82
 Chicken Caesar (Regular) $7.03
Greek Salad (Family) $10.98
Italian Chef Salad (Regular) $6.81
 Greek (Regular) $6.99
Greek (Family) $10.11
 Italian Chef (Regular) $6.98
Italian Chef (Family) $10.54

Top Menu Items

Build Your Own Original Crust Pizza $7.88
Build Your Own Pizza $8.06
 Build Your Own Large Pizza $12.43


 10 Piece Plain Chicken Dippers $8.04
Chicken Wings (15 Piece) $12.18
Chicken Dippers (15 Piece) $11.65
Chicken Wings (10 Piece) $8.82
Chicken Dippers (10 Piece) $8.34

Large Pizzas

 Large Hawaiian Pizza $17.91

Local Delights

 BarBQ Chicken Pizza – Small $13.44
 Original Crust Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza $11.41
 Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza (Small) $11.42
 Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza $10.84
 The Big Cheese Pizza $10.77
 Original Crust Big Cheese Pizza $11.58
 Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza (Medium) $14.06
 BarBQ Chicken Pizza – Large $19.19
Crispy Thin Crust Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza $11.33
The Works Pizza $13.04
 Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza (Large) $16.70
 Pepperoni Melt Pizza $13.03
 Barbq Chicken Pizza $13.02
 BBQ Chicken $12.81
Crispy Thin Crust Big Cheese Pizza $11.55
 Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza $13.23
 The Works Pizza – Medium $15.62
BarBQ Chicken $12.49
The Works Pizza – Large $18.64
The Big Cheese Pizza (Medium) $14.48
 The Works $13.30
The Big Cheese Pizza (Large) $17.25
 The Works Pizza – Small $12.79
 The Big Cheese Pizza (Extra Large) $20.09
Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza – Small $12.46
Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza – Medium $15.27
 Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza (Extra Large) $19.57
 Grilled Chicken Florentine $12.89
 Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza – Large $18.02
Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza – Extra Large $20.79
 Pepperoni Melt Pizza – Medium $15.40
The Big Cheese $11.71
 BarBQ Chicken Pizza – Extra Large $22.49
 The Works Pizza – Extra Large $21.54
 Pepperoni Melt Pizza – Extra Large $21.70
Pepperoni Melt Pizza – Large $18.42
 BarBQ Chicken (Small) $11.76
BarBQ Chicken (Large) $17.72
 Pepperoni Magnifico (Small) $10.85
Pepperoni Magnifico (Medium) $13.39
Pepperoni Magnifico (Large) $15.80


 Build Your Own (Small) (Pizza) $8.74
Cheese Pizza $8.37
 Deluxe Pizza (Medium) $15.05
 Deluxe Pizza (Extra Large) $20.79
 White Cheezy Pizza (Small) $12.23
 Deluxe Pizza (Small) $12.19
 White Cheezy Pizza (Medium) $15.08
 White Cheezy Pizza (Large) $17.90
 White Cheezy Pizza (Extra Large) $20.84
 All Meat Pizza (Medium) $15.10
 All Meat Pizza (Large) $17.85
 All Meat Pizza (Extra Large) $20.79
 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (Small) $12.06
 Chicken Fresco Pizza (Small) $12.15
 Chicken Fresco Pizza (Medium) $15.13
 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (Medium) $15.01
 Chicken Fresco Pizza (Large) $17.94
 Chicken Fresco Pizza (Extra Large) $20.88
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (Large) $17.89
 Garden Pizza (Small) $12.21
 Garden Pizza (Medium) $14.99
 Garden Pizza (Large) $17.85
 Garden Pizza (Extra Large) $20.79
 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (Extra Large) $20.94

Local Delights Check

BarBQ Chicken (Medium) $14.64

Extra Large Pizzas

 Extra Large Build Your Own Pizza $13.99
Extra Large Hawaiian Pizza $20.70

Specialty Pizzas

 White Cheezy Pizza $12.10
 Original Crust All Meat Pizza $12.77
 The Big Cheese – Small $10.91
 Deluxe Uno Pizza $11.80
 Chicken Fresco $12.66
 Deluxe Pizza $12.20
 Original Crust Deluxe Pizza $12.79
 White Cheesy Pizza $12.54
 Chicken Florentine Pizza $11.65
 All Meat Pizza $12.12
BBQ Chicken Pizza $11.71
Crispy Thin Crust Deluxe Pizza $12.79
The Big Cheese – Large $15.01
 The Philly $12.85
 Chicken Fresco Pizza $12.09
 White Cheezy $12.66
 Hawaiian – Medium $14.37
 Original Crust Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $12.79
 Hawaiian Pizza $12.81
Crispy Thin Crust All Meat Pizza $12.79
 Deluxe Uno – Small $11.46
 Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $12.04
 Garden Pizza $12.14
Deluxe Uno – Medium $14.37
 Meat Supremo Pizza $12.09
 Original Crust Philly Pizza $12.70
Crispy Thin Crust Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $12.78
Deluxe Uno – Large $17.42
 Chicken Florentine $11.72
 Hawaiian Chicken (Small) $12.54
 Original Crust White Cheezy Pizza $12.79
 All Meat (Small) $12.18
Crispy Thin Crust White Cheezy Pizza $12.79
 Original Crust Chicken Fresco Pizza $12.86
All Meat (Medium) $15.07
Crispy Thin Philly Pizza $12.62
 Pepperoni Melt $12.61
All Meat (Large) $17.86
 Original Crust Garden Pizza $12.79
All Meat (Extra Large) $20.46
Crispy Thin Crust Garden Pizza $12.79
Deluxe (Large) $17.99
 White Cheezy (Small) $12.18
Crispy Thin Crust Chicken Fresco Pizza $12.89
White Cheezy (Medium) $15.07
 Hawaiian Chicken (Large) $17.74
White Cheezy (Large) $17.86
Philly Pizza $12.86
White Cheezy (Extra Large) $20.46
Hawaiian – Small $11.47
Hawaiian – Large $17.42
 Chicken Fresco (Small) $11.87
Chicken Fresco (Medium) $14.68
Chicken Fresco (Large) $17.64
Deluxe (Small) $12.54
Chicken Fresco (Extra Large) $20.42
 Garden (Small) $11.48
Garden (Medium) $14.85
Garden (Large) $17.11
Garden (Extra Large) $20.46
 Chicken Florentine – Small $11.38
Chicken Florentine – Medium $14.37
Chicken Florentine – Large $17.42
 The Works – Small $12.58
The Works – Medium $15.68
The Works – Large $18.85

Sides and Wings

 Bread Sticks $5.12

Local Delights Pizza

 Extra Large BBQ Chicken Pizza $20.44
 Large BBQ Chicken Pizza $17.57
Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza $14.90
 Small BBQ Chicken Pizza $11.97
Small The Big Cheese Pizza $11.93

Pizza Bowls

 Deluxe Pizza Bowl $9.29
 Garden Pizza Bowl $8.84


 Italiano $6.46
 Italiano Sub $6.12
 Chicken Club $6.38
 Steak & Cheese Sub $6.12
Steak and Cheese $6.45
Steak and Cheese Bruno Sub $5.88
 Ham and Cheese $6.44
Ham and Cheese Leonardo Sub $5.96
 Chicken Club Tuscano Sub $5.84
Chicken Club Sub $6.25
 Turkey and Ham Maximo Sub $5.78
 Meatball Fabio Sub $5.91
 Pizza Melt Sub $5.90
 Meatball $6.45
Meatball Sub $6.16
 Italiano 6″ Sub $6.31
Ham & Cheese Sub $6.15
 Veggie $6.64
 Veggie Fresco Sub $5.91
Italiano 12″ Sub $9.66
 Pizza Melt $6.59
 Pizza Sub $5.64
 Veggie Sub $5.91

Specialty Pizza

 Deluxe Large Pizza $17.85
Hawaiian Small Pizza $12.53
Hawaiian Medium Pizza $15.20

Small Local Delights Pizzas

Small Pepperoni Melt Pizza $12.45


 All Meat Calzone $7.87
 Pepperoni $6.99
 Chicken Classico Calzone $7.95
 Deluxe Calzone $7.82
 Pepperoni Calzone $7.38
 Build Your Own Calzone $7.78


 Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie $6.99
Cinna Squares $4.92
 Double Chocolate Brownie $6.75
 Cinnasquares $4.89

Build Your Own Pizzas

Build Your Own Pizza (X-Large) $14.32
Cheese Pizza Small $9.13
Cheese Pizza Large $13.89
 Cheese Pizza Extra Large $16.21

Chicken Dippers

Chicken Dippers (10) $8.57
Chicken Dippers (15) $11.82

6″ Subs

 6″ Ham & Cheese Sub $6.22
 6″ Steak & Cheese Sub $6.04
 6″ Chicken Club Sub $6.26
 6″ Meatball Sub $6.26

12″ Subs

12″ Ham & Cheese Sub $9.42
12″ Steak & Cheese Sub $9.16
12″ Chicken Club Sub $9.58
12″ Meatball Sub $9.58

Popular Items

 Cheesy Bread $6.27
Cheezy Bread $5.95
 Hawaiian Chicken $12.66
 Pepperoni Magnifico $11.76
 Cinnamon-Squares $4.83
Cheese Pizza Medium $11.22
Chicken Caesar Salad (Regular) $6.39
 All Meat Pizza (Small) $12.21
 All Meat $12.26
 Chicken Caesar $6.85
 Deluxe $12.34
 Greek $6.85


Pizza Sauce Dipping Cup $0.72
Side of Banana Peppers $0.90
 Garlic Sauce Dipping Cup $0.76
Ranch Dipping Sauce $0.73
Pizza Sauce $0.70
Side Blue Cheese $0.57
Side of Jalapeños $0.99
Bleu Cheese Dipping Cup $0.92
Hot & Spicy Sauce $0.58
Jalapeno Ranch Dipping Cup $0.74
Tangy BBQ Dipping Cup $0.72
Hot Sauce Dipping Cup $0.72
Vanilla Icing $0.61
Honey $0.54
Tangy Barbecue Dipping Cup $0.99
Garlic Butter Dipping Cup $0.68
Blue Cheese Dipping Cup $0.72
Jalapeno Peppers $0.57
Jalapenos $0.71
Pizza Dipping Sauce $0.92
Banana Peppers $0.72
Vanilla Icing Packet $0.72
Ranch Dressing $0.72
Italian Dressing $0.70
Caesar Dressing $0.73
Greek Vinaigrette Dressing $0.73
Garlic Dipping Cup $0.79
 Cheese Sauce $0.57
Sweet Red Chili Pepper Dipping Cup $0.66


 Cheezybread $6.12
Side Banana Peppers $0.56
 8 Piece Bread Sticks $4.19
 Meatball Bake $10.59
 Chicken Wings $8.20
Side Hot Sauce $0.57
 Chicken Dippers $8.09
Side Vanilla Icing $0.57
Side Garlic Butter Sauce $0.56
Side Ranch Dressing $0.56
Side Italian Dressing $0.56
Jalapeno Ranch $0.61
Side Jalapeno Peppers $0.58
Side Pizza Sauce $0.64
Side Mayo $0.56
Side Roma Seasoning $0.55
Side BBQ Sauce $0.58
Garlic Butter Sauce $0.60


 Mountain Dew $2.12
20 oz. Bottled Soda $2.02
Soda $1.95
Pepsi (2 Liter) $3.38
 20 Oz. Bottle $2.42
 Aquafina $2.11
Diet Pepsi $2.13
Sierra Mist (2 Liter) $3.28
 2 Liter $2.99
Dr. Pepper® $2.19
Mist Twist $2.00
Mist Twst® $1.96
Sierra Mist $2.23
Pepsi $2.17
Pure Leaf Iced Tea Half-Gallon Sweet $3.13
2 Liter Soda $3.18
Mug Rootbeer® $2.21
 Diet Dew® $2.23
Mountain Dew (2 Liter) $3.23
 Pure Leaf Iced Tea Half-Gallon Un Sweet $3.23
Cherry Pepsi® $1.99
 Orange Crush® $2.04
 Mug Root Beer $2.34

How To Order Online From Marco’s Pizza?

Marco’s Pizza offers online ordering. You can refer to their website or Android app or iPhone app or any other delivery platform. It is known for its high-quality food and excellent service.

You can order Marco’s Pizza online using the most popular food delivery apps like Doordash and UberEats. We’ve shared detailed screenshots of how to order food online at Marco’s Pizza’s official website.

Marco’s Pizza Contact Information

Marco’s Pizza Corporate Office Address: 5248 Monroe St, Toledo, OH 43623, USA

Marco’s Pizza Corporate Phone Number: +1 419-882-3300

Contact Marco’s Pizza using the contact page.

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It is a great feeling to have delicious pizza from your favorite restaurant. You won’t find the same delicious pizza at every restaurant.

Be selective. You can get the best pizza at M arco’s Pizza. Its mission is to ensure that its customers are satisfied.

This restaurant is more than just a great place to eat pizza. Even though the prices might seem high, you’ll be able to make the most of every dollar you spend.

Marco’s Pizza serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find your favorite dish by browsing the extensive, highly-recommended menu.

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